Caius, is an ΑΙ startup that uses satellite and geomorphological data in the study of forest areas and natural systems, aiming to map forests, explore trails, digitize areas and find solutions for their sustainability, ecotoursim and especially rural development, using its own technology!

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Turning our scientific research into products through AI

From neural networks and satellite data to everyday apps for rural areas and forests!

Caius as an ESA BIC Greece incubatee is part of Europe's network in space downstream industry aiming to revolutinize ecotourism in forest regions!

Discovering trails with AI

With our own technology, we identify trails in rural areas, assess their condition and organize them into networks

Digital Social Innovation

Offering our reseach and expertise to solve rural remote areas issues through digitization and smart applications

Sustainable Development

We collaborate with Environmental Management Organizations, offering sustainable technological solutions to their needs

Big Data Analysis

Based on satellite and geomorphological data we provide valuable insights to each of our applications and projects

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K. Metaxa 11, 17455 Alimos, Attiki, Greece


Modestou Pertsali 13, 44200 Metsovo, Ioannina, Greece