About us

Caius started as a group of friends who, through their university research, saw that they could create innovative products using scientific data and Artificial Intelligence learning models. At the same time, we were actively involved in hiking and exploring nature, so with Metsovo and the Region of Epirus as our base, our first product was born, initially as a research project, to explore with an intelligent tool the trails that exist in our forests!

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Meet our Team

George Mendrinos - CEO

Specializing in Computational and X-ray Physics, with four years of research experience at both the Institute of Nuclear Physics and the Institute of Nanotechnology of "NCSR Demokritos", with computational projects under submission for publication in the fields of Medical Physics and Archaeometry. One of the five selected members of the Greek National Team in the Physics Olympiad of 2014 and since then engaged in teaching at academic and undergraduate level. Apart from research, several years of hiking and mountaineering, mainly in Epirus but also throughout Greece. As the driving force of the team, he deals with day-to-day challenges and long-term strategy, finding the right partners and product features to meet real market needs.

Stathis Efstathopoulos - CFO

Professor of Medical Physics at the Medical School of the University of Athens. He is also the Head of the Medical Physics Unit of the 2nd Department of Radiology "Attikon" General University Hospital. Furthermore, he is President of the Executive Committee and Chairman of the M.Sc. Programme "Nanomedicine" and has his own research group applying AI techniques in medical physics. In addition, he has founded companies (HSnanoHS, Health Services and Solutions) that combine research and market in a pioneering way for Greek standards. He is our team's mentor in the commercialisation of our research products and one of our company's strongest networkers.

George Michas - CTO

An experienced researcher in various areas of data systems which, due to their extreme complexity and the specialization required in computer science, are clearly under-represented in the market. The main focus of his research is the full utilization of systems, taking into account both theoretical aspects and the underlying hardware. He is also very interested in how artificial intelligence can help shape the future of system design and vice versa. He is the head of the technology department with a wide range of responsibilities focused on the research and software development of our products. Some of these responsibilities include overall software architecture, data storage and processing, deep learning and project management of the team.

Marios Glytsos - Head of AI team

An accomplished electrical engineering graduate with an extraordinary range of interests and deep knowledge in areas such as deep learning, audio systems, multispectral and geospatial data. He combines a high adaptability to the needs of each project with an admirable integrative thinking to combine different fields, with his innovative projects in his research career to prove it. An enthusiastic hiker and nature lover, he immediately integrated into the team as a friend and collaborator sharing the same vision. In the last few years he has been involved in several AI projects in both practical and research contexts, focusing on Visual Common Sense Reasoning, NLP and Music Genre Recognition. His role in the team is to develop the AI models and contribute to the full stack development of the applications.

Alexia Kontou - Agricultural Research Manager

Alexia, with her academic background in Αgriculture and specialization in Animal Production Agronomy, forms the basis for Caius' constant involvement in local rural development, particularly in the primary production sector. With her parallel professional involvement in the promotion and tourist development of such practices, she has the experience to develop these areas with the most modern means.

Nikos Pyrenis - Communications Manager

As an automation engineer, he is involved in the generation and evaluation of various specialised satellite and geomorphological data for the training of neural models, while also fine-tuning the automation process of internal databases. He monitors Caius projects and schedules, provides technical and public relations support, manages communication with our external partners and keeps both sides informed.

Petros Efstathopoulos - CDO

A student in the Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Patras, his research focuses on remote sensing and GIS applications in environmental monitoring, providing Caius with access to relevant data. As our CDO, he is responsible for data quality and data strategy to maximise the value of the data available to Caius' projects.