Smart Forest Innovation Challenge

The Smart Forest Innovation Challenge, the 1st Demonstration Program of Technology Solutions for Forest Ecosystems was successfully concluded on 24 October 2022. The conference had as its starting point the TIF where on 11/09/22 the Secretary General of Forests of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, Prof. Konstantinos Aravosis invited researchers, teams and institutions to jointly envision and design the modern working environment of foresters, who will have access to all necessary data on a computer screen.

A total of 149 proposals were submitted, from start up companies, researchers, scientists and students, aiming to highlight technological challenges in areas such as prevention and protection, restoration and the development of digital tools for forest management and to identify solutions that can be commercially exploited in the context of the national strategy for the management of forest ecosystems.

Georgios Mendrinos, CEO of Caius

Caius was represented by George Mendrinos, Marios Glytsos, George Michas and Stathis Efstathopoulos, with George Mendrinos pitching the "caius paths" project and taking questions from experts in the audience and the jury.

The members of "caius paths" with Prof. Konstantinos Aravosis (on the right) and Nikolaos Michalopoulos, Official Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (on the left) during the awarding of the 2nd place.

After qualifying for the final, it then came in 2nd place on the overall ranking, gaining the attention of the officials of the General Secretariat of Forests as well as proposals for cooperation from companies and institutions directly interested in the digitization of forest areas in Greece.