Caius supports NTUA to the eco-conscious Development of Metsovo

On Saturday, July 15, 2023, an insightful conference titled "The Contribution of NTUA to the Integrated Development of the Municipality of Metsovo and the Research Program PEAK - Youth Entrepreneurship in Mountainous Areas" took place at the MEKDE of NTUA in Metsovo. The event showcased the works of this year's postgraduate students from NTUA's "Environment and Development of Mountainous Areas" program, along with presenting the outcomes of the European research program PEAK - New Heights for Youth Entrepreneurship, which aims to support young entrepreneurs in mountainous regions.

As Caius, we actively engaged in and contributed to the dialogue aimed at promoting the sustainable transition of our village as our primary base is located in Metsovo. We took the initiative of offering complimentary technological support for their trail surveys through the premium features of Caius Paths. Our primary focus was to assist Ms. Maria Galanou and the other students in discovering captivating hiking trails within the beautiful landscapes of Metsovo. "By encouraging tourists to explore the area on foot and leave their cars outside Metsovo, we aimed to foster a sustainable approach to tourism." says Maria in her presentation.

This is yet another example of how Caius stands next to the postgraduate students of Metsovo, as it actively supports their efforts to return young people permanently to rural areas, offering modern tools that will help them succeed in working in modernized, scalable jobs from their villages, continuously increasing their own standard of living as well as that of those around them.