Space2Connect Conference

From Wednesday 7 June to Friday 9 June, Caius attended the "Space 2 Connect Conference 2023" organized by the European Space Agency in the city of Matera, located in southern Italy. The purpose of this well-attended event was to explore innovative space solutions that will help to strengthen the connectivity of society.

Caius developed partnerships during the conference to further enhance their groundbreaking tool - Caius Paths. Their aim was to leverage additional geomorphological and satellite data to create a comprehensive mapping system. The ultimate goal of this ambitious endeavor is to extend their mapping capabilities beyond the borders of Europe. The conference played a pivotal role in the search for potential case studies that would support Caius' vision. These case studies, once announced, will serve as crucial examples of the impact and potential of their project.

The Space 2 Connect Conference 2023 brought together like-minded individuals and organizations, creating an atmosphere ripe for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Caius eagerly engaged with AI experts, space enthusiasts, and industry leaders, exchanging ideas and receiving valuable feedback.