Caius wins European Green Innovation Award!

The Cross-Fertilisation Prizes, part of the CREATHRIV-EU project, provided European innovative teams the opportunity to demonstrate how creatively unconnected sectors can collaborate, forging new transnational partnerships, sharing experience and technology, and bringing Europe closer to sustainable development. From hundreds of candidates, 15 finalists were selected to showcase their projects in Liège, Belgium on July 9th before a jury of experts.

Marios Glytsos presented our established flagship product, caius paths, which discovers trails in nature through satellite data. He was able to highlight the philosophy of Caius around the development of ecotourism with modern means in order to revive remote rural areas and enhance environmental protection. Thus Caius won the Green Innovation Award, impressing even with its combined solution achieved by the partnership of expert hikers, AI developers, topographers and other satellite data analysts, disciplines that for the first time work together to create such a holistic product!

Congratulations to Basilicata Creativa for its relentless work in promoting entrepreneurial ventures that embrace cross-fertilisation by creating synergies between creativity and technological expertise within seemingly distant industrial sectors. Congratulations are also due to the Corallia Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship which, as co-organizer of this European competition, supported the Greek entries that reached important distinctions and constantly promotes the interconnection of Greek startups with the European ecosystem!