1st Archimedes Center Competition at NKUA

The final of the 1st Competition at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, organized by the Archimedes Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, took place on Tuesday, March 7. 10 business teams participated in the final, which were distinguished among the 42 teams that participated in the competition procedures, with business ideas covering a wide range of applications in sectors of the economy.

Caius presentation

"caius paths" project was presented garnering keen reactions!

Caius was there presenting its project caius paths, which aims to automate the mapping of paths throughout Greece using artificial intelligence models and satellite data analysis, and received a lot of positive feedback from the jury and the audience, with the end of the competition placing it among the three teams that were distinguished.

The Archimedes Centre is addressed to the members of the University community of the University of Athens and aims to connect the research community with industry and at the same time to incubate the best business ideas of the university community that will potentially create start-ups.